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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of poems does Both Sides want?

Both Sides Poetry is looking for poems that explore the themes of addiction and mental ill health. We welcome poems from all skill levels, and we don't have any strict requirements on form or style. We are particularly interested in poems that are personal, honest, and vulnerable. If you have a poem that you think would be a good fit for Both Sides, please make a submission on our homepage.

I don't have an addiction or problems with mental illness, but someone I care for does. Can I still write about that for Both Sides?

YES. We welcome hearing about every aspect of experiences related to addiction and mental illness. Your voice and perspective is important.

What will happen with proceeds from the sale of the publication?

Once the poetry collection has been published, and copies have been sold, all of the profits will be donated to Family Drug Support Aotearoa New Zealand. They are an organisation who assist /whānau & friends to deal with alcohol and other drug use in a way that strengthens relationships and achieves positive outcomes. You can visit their website for further information here.

I don't know anything about poetry but I want to contribute

Poets come in every size and shape. The power of poetry comes in that you can write whatever you want, as formally or as casually as you like. Give it a go, make a submission.

When will Both Sides publish the poems?

Both Sides Poetry Collective will publish a selection of the poems submitted here when there are enough poems to fill a book. If you make a submission, you will receive occasional updates about the progress toward publication.

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