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Terms and Conditions

Both Sides Poetry Terms and Conditions 


  1. By submitting a poem to this website, by upload, email or otherwise, you authorise Both Sides Poetry to include, publish, or use that poem in any poetry collective at their sole discretion, subject to all terms and conditions. 

  2. Both Sides Poetry are authorised to allocate the proceeds from the use of any poem submitted by you to this website to a charity of their choosing. 

  3. You agree that on publication and/or sale of any poem submitted by you to Both Sides Poetry, you will not be entitled to any remuneration from the proceeds of that publication and/or sale.

  4. Both Sides Poetry may seek to share your poem on another platform, such as our social media pages, however this will not be done without receiving your permission first. 

  5. You agree that you will not be entitled to any proceeds received from the use of the submitted poem on a social media platform. 

  6. On submitting a poem to Both Sides Poetry and specifying that your name and any personal details are to remain anonymous, Both Sides Poetry agree not to disclose your name or personal details and will be authorised to allocate a suitable and non-offence alias to appear as the author of the submitted poem. 

  7. Submitting your poem does not guarantee it will be published, as there are limited spaces available. However if we significantly exceed capacity, it may be published in a follow up poetry collective on the same terms and conditions as agreed to at the date of being submitted. The decision to publish a poem is at the discretion of Both Sides Poetry.​

  8. Once a poem submitted by you has been included in a poetry collective the poem will only be removed or varied at the discretion of Both Sides Poetry. ​

  9. Both Sides Poetry will be able to use any poem submitted by you in accordance with the above terms until written notice is provided by you requesting otherwise.

  10. These terms and conditions remain binding on the parties unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Both Sides Poetry Collective

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