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We are Both Sides Poetry Collective

A creative community project in Aotearoa New Zealand for your poems about addiction and mental illness.

We are asking people with experiences of mental unrest and addiction to write and send us your poems, so we can publish them and share your experiences. We will donate any publication proceeds back to organizations supporting families currently facing these issues.


It's never just one individual who is affected by addiction and mental illness. As well as poems from individuals with direct personal experiences, we are also asking for poems from those who have stood alongside someone experiencing these complex problems. We want to publish poems from both sides. 

The experiences you write about can be very personal–if you do not want your name published with your poem, you can let us know.

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The goal of Both Sides Poetry Collective is to share your experiences of addiction and mental unrest in the form of poetry in the hope of help others who are struggling.

Both Sides Poetry Collective

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